kerdy-testing-equipmentAt SKILL GLASS, we provide you with the right solutions, because we have OCMI’S (Italy), AMBEG’S (germany), ARISTE’S and GHIVER’s machines with some special machines made by our own intelligent engineers and are capable of producing top quality vials and ampoules.

We satisfy customers with a skilled, experienced and dedicated workforce, perfect production facilities and effective quality control procedures. For this reason, pharmaceutical companies requiring high quality packaging material look to Skill Glass as an arm to meet their most demanding needs.

Glass Tubing is the core of our requirement and represents a key raw material for our company. Quality of tubing we use is exceptional, as it is mainly from the leading manufacturers of the world.

The thorough knowledge and understanding of the products, proper infrastructure supported with automatic production lines, scrupulous selection and appointment of technically sound and committed to quality staff who constantly keep their eyes on the quality of all types of inputs till the dispatch of final product has helped us to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our advanced in house tool and design room and use of the accurate digital electronic equipments viz Digital caliper, Digital Gauges, Pressure Sealing Machines etc. has enabled us to cope up with any kind of market demands.

Skill Glass

Consistent growth over the years is confirmation of how a certain level of competence, efficiency and quality has given Skill Glass the competitive edge in the marketplace